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Vision Statement

NOFAS Georgia envisions a world free of alcohol exposed pregnancies where those who are living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) and their families are respected, supported, and empowered as part of their communities and have a full life of quality and value; and where FASDs are recognized by service system professionals as developmental disabilities.

Mission Statement

The overall mission of NOFAS Georgia is to provide leadership and promote statewide education, prevention, and public awareness on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). NOFAS Georgia aims to be a leading voice representing and supporting individuals and families living with FASDs and a catalyst for networking, collaboration, and partnerships among individuals, families, professionals, and policy makers.

Positioning Statement

Designed jointly by medical and mental health professionals, public health educators, and individuals and families living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), NOFAS Georgia is the state’s first FASD-specific non-profit information and education resource for best practices and evidence-based interventions. Informed by those who understand the condition best, NOFAS Georgia develops and provides education and training that responds to the most critical challenges and decision points that individuals with FASDs and their families face.

Strategic Objectives

Create Public Awareness

Increasing public-at-large knowledge of the effects of prenatal consumption of alcohol for primary prevention and understanding of the need to support individuals with FASDs and their families.

Support to Individuals and Families

Providing information and education that will ease access to services and supports and contribute to the productive development of individuals with FASDs and family stability and quality of life.

Build Partnerships through Education and Outreach

Outreach to persons in leadership and educational roles at agencies and organizations that are likely to have interactions with individuals with FASDs and their families and/or through which additional resources and services might be leveraged.

Collaborate with Juvenile Justice System

Outreach and education to the criminal justice system, with a focus on juvenile justice, to enhance the ability of the system to appropriately adjudicate circumstances involving youth with FASDs.

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